Dadgummit, I’m Going To Do It This Time … Really. (Wonder how many first time bloggers start like that? I think I’ll leave it so I can look back on it and say, “Wow, that was embarrassing!”).

It’s not the first time I’ve considered this. I’ve followed a couple of 30 day challenges. Followed. But this time something’s different.

I’ve Actually Written Something

Yup. Letters. Words. That’s different. Even if it is for my eyes only. Not that I don’t plan on sharing this. Two paragraphs in, I’m pretty stoked. Yah.

It’s just that it’s the dreaded blog beginning. Ya know, as in who cares? If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear … somethin’ like that.

So, just like anything, one needs to be internally motivated or change ain’t gonna stick. But I’ve avoided this for a while now. Why?

What’s Up With The Avoidance?

What’s really behind it?


Bet you saw that coming. But what specifically makes me avoid it?

    • What people think? Yeah, that’s been there, like, forever.
    • Not being able to maintain posting consistently? Yeah, that’s still there. And related to that,
    • Coming up with interesting topics? Sure. Then it gets deeper,
    • What if I work at it and write and share and spill and reveal and … nothing … happens? And, of course,
    • Do I know enough? Do you know how many pdf e-books I have on my computer desktop? No you don’t and neither do I. I keep having to increase my screen resolution just to fit them all on my desktop!

Recent Inspiration

I regularly receive an email newsletter from James Clear, Passive Panda. In his most recently one titled Pick a System and Stick With It he wrote the following:

“Are people that produce and create scared to start? Sure they are. They know that they don’t have all of the answers – but they produce anyway.

No matter how much you read, there are always two options:

Option 1: Read more to learn what you don’t know.

Option 2: Implement what you already know. 

The answer is always Option 2.”

I responded with some random thoughts and he replied. Yup … in about 7 minutes. Amazing. He said something really simple.

When you blend curiosity and fear of failure together – you rarely get any action.

Whoa. Hit me this time. And is totally worthy of placing it as a little pull quote. So, when the internal drive is strong enough to move in spite of the fear, action happens.

30 Day Challenge

Then just today on Jacob Cass’ site I saw the post Try Something New For 30 Days. that included this video by Matt Cutts:

So that put me over the edge. That’s it.

I’m doing it this time.

For sure.


Convincing huh?