Yes, I never thought I’d say it but it was a totally killer purchase.

Both front tires on my long-lasting, green Dodge 2500 Cummins Turbo-Diesel named Shrek (I don’t name ’em, my ex-wife did. It stuck.) were bald, separating, and keeping me awake. A-at night. Well, they were thumping along and pulling to one side keeping me awake driving too.

And although these black and silver-patched things were sooner more than later guaranteeing an accident, I was feeling a cash pinch from a fairly large, unexpected bill and didn’t know what I was going to do. Extreme Desperation (father of frugality) stepped up.

I talked with my go-to National Tire Chain who has always done me good. Always. So I felt guilty going out on ’em like this.

But they needed $184 a tire. Out the door, we’re looking at right around $400.

Lemme see, $400 or certain death (of me or somebody, Shrek’s pretty big). Hmm, for a while there I was gambling with the latter. Not good.

Google search. Coming up with some ideas, but, used tires? Then I spoke with my buddy, Paul, at Accelerated Auto and he suggested AZ Best Tire. I can always count on Paul. (Oh, and by the way, it’s not like these are affiliate links or I’m getting a kickback or anything like that. Wait. Why is that? Oh yeah, I’d need readers. I can dream….)

So, I limp over to AZ Best and they take me back to the section of tires that would fit my truck. I go through the inventory, ask some questions that they answered well, seemed to me.

Me: How much?

Tire guy: $80.

Me: A tire?

Tire guy: No, both.

Me: Oh. (trying not to appear stupid and, like, he coulda said, “Per tire.”)

Tire guy: Okay, pull your truck over here.

Me: Well, wait, how much to install ’em?

Tire guy: $80

Me: So … $160 total??

Tire guy: Nooo, 80 bucks for tires and installation.

Me: Really? (once again, trying not to appear like I wanted to pay him more.)

In less than 30 minutes, no joke, I had like-new tires on Shrek for less than a Ben Franklin.

Yeah, I know, I don’t have the warranty. Well, they do offer a 30 day. That’s token. And they’re not the same. But the Tire Chain was putting on available anyway. Had 3 different brands at one point. And really, I gotta problem with a tire and I go back and pick one up for $40 or less … oh, yeah, and have it installed for freeeee.

Ya see, the install is included…. Oh, you got that. It’s just me. Cool.