My computer crashed!

Well, not really. That’s just what you scream when the stupid thing isn’t working right.

The more accurate statement is: My 16 year old son uses my computer.

He likes to think of himself as quite the computer literate, a gamer. And he is. But then he messes with a little something that’s unfamiliar,

and …

141,000 files get re-linked to somewhere in file-link hell someplace and Windows Explorer can’t help but continuously run like 20 to 30 different instances of Explorer … ah, crap.

Now what do I do? Fix with a repair program? No luck. Fix with another? No luck. Try to re-link. Riiiight.

Oh yeah! System Restore!! Taa-Daa!

Welcome System Restore. Come on in. Have I got a job for you.

Now, I gotta be honest. You look like you know what you’re doing but you haven’t made good on your promise in the past. Yet, you leave me little choice. As you can see, other than re-installing the operating system and then all the programs (uh-huh) you’re it.

You’re my only option.

SR worked on it a few times, but it looked like she (yes … she. Yeah, go with me here) was gonna be unable to do the deed yet again.

But … she … hinted, in that unassuming, suggestive way (without really saying any words thus keeping me guessing, feeling that I’d know where to find it if I were just able to read her mind ever so slightly better than I do, so that I could appear chivalrous and intuitively provide the perfect answer that would give her just what she needed) with an error message that I should obtain the exact, missing fix.

After searching far and wide, I finally located the answer to her subtle message. Oh. Uninstall virus programs (why didn’t you just say that honey?). Not that I told her that. I took on those unruly virus programs and slayed them one by one.

I proudly sauntered back to SR and clicked … NEXT. We’re moving so fast dear! Do you require anything else of me?

No! I’ve now released her to erase the ferocious errors, such traumatizing memories, brought on by the immature hand of a teenage male.

And so I … waited.

And … waited.

And patiently … (geesh, what the heck’s she doing? Changing the curtains?) And then …


SYSTEM RESTORE! You did it! Yesss! Thank you dear.

Now, until we meet again (like, really, hopefully not … I mean, it was fun, thanks for the fling and all but …), go back to your resting place. You deserve it.

Reality: It’s 1:30 in the afternoon, I’ve done no work; paid, that is. And I’ve gotta write a blog post. Now, how can I make computer repair even remotely interesting?