The Blog Tyrant (a.k.a. BT) shares a simple and useful question (which is also the title) in his most recent post What Are You Doing, Really?  He suggests that such a self check be asked on a consistent basis. It doesn’t necessarily have to be exactly this, of course, but could be something such as, “Is this getting me closer to what I want/need/desire?” whether that’s a thing, a lifestyle, or an altruistic act. Whatever might fit for you.

I know that If I don’t regularly self-assess, I leave myself open to a life that’s aimless, lacking direction and purpose. And full of regret … negating the opportunities of the present.

Toward the end of his post he states, “Regret is a really nasty little thing. It will come back to bite you again and again in your life.”

This act of asking a self-assessing question helps to minimize this in a couple of ways, by decreasing the “biting” as we go through life and, in dealing with the present regrets that lead to fear, procrastination, paralysis, blame … and a downward spiral of increasing regrets.

He continues.

“I have a lot of regrets. And the funny thing is that it isn’t anything big that upsets me. It’s the sum of all the little ones. The 30 minutes wasted here and there that will, eventually, add up to a life time of mediocrity.

“I don’t care if I never become super rich or influential. I do care, very much, that I wasted the opportunities that I had to help myself, and help others.”

Absolutely. I, too, get terribly hung up on that at times. It’s easy to do.

What have I done with this life? With that which I’ve been blessed? With decent health? With decent wealth? With certain talents? With those who needed a helping hand? Was I kind? Understanding? Forgiving? Tolerant? Willing to share? Willing to be unselfish? Willing to change? Grow? Teach? Not waste time on those things that degrade? That are useless to me and others…?

Wow. See? This is one of my talents. I’ll keep going if you want me to. Really. Got more.

No. I haven’t done it right. BT has regrets too. We all do. And for me, the issue that lurks in the background, masquerading so effectively in all these excuses, avoidance, and regret-laced waste is … (drum roll please?)


Good Lord, so much could be said about fear. I’ll bring that up again, I’m sure.

What we do from today on makes all the difference. That’s all we have.

Can I choose to:
– do the opposite of what I might automatically do?
– be less selfish?
– be less controlling?
– be less critical of others?
– employ a deeper awareness of self and others?
– live life more serenely?
– merely notice more wonders around me?
– surrender more of that which I naturally gravitate toward?
– be more courageous?

Can I look back on THIS day with satisfaction as opposed to regret?

I can, if I choose to look at this moment, this day, with a simple question such as, “What are you doing, really?”

“The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.”
– Thomas Monson