Actually, to be honest, it’s neither; a Debate or Great, that is. I’m just working on my headlines!

A question arose during a discussion I had earlier today: “Does regular coffee have more caffeine than espresso?”

I responded with, “I’ve heard that before, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

It’s one of those things that you tend to just figure that you’ll research someday and then … you’ll be able to sleep just that much better.

Well, it just so happens that that someday is today (yeah, I’m really crushing my procrastination tendencies).

At Coffee Chemistry they say that, “…we can conclude that drip coffee contains much more caffeine than espresso – this is all due to its much larger serving size – 8oz vs 1oz. Obviously since espresso is served in much smaller volumes, we see less caffeine (from a beverage perspective).

“BUT when viewed from a volume perspective – espresso has a much more caffeine than drip coffee.”

So what has more caffeine drip or espresso?

Well the answer really depends on your perspective … both are correct!!

  • From a beverage perspective – drip coffee has more caffeine.
  • From a volume perspective – espresso has more.

65 – 200mg of caffeine/8 fl oz 
(8.125 – 15mg/1 fl oz)

30 – 50mg/1 fl oz
(30 – 50mg/1 fl oz)

Alrighty then. Close enough for me.

Great, now I’ve got that mid-afternoon jones for a really fine espresso. St. Arbucks awaits.