This morning I saw in a blog post the consistent use of “yea” that, in context, was being used instead of the intended “yeah.” Just for sanity’s sake, I’ll review the uses of the most frequently used “Y” words, ya, yah, yay, yea, yeah and yup.

Here ’tis, short and sweet:

Ya: Primarily used in place of you. “Are ya going home?” But, there’s some overlap here as it’s sometimes used to mean yes, especially in texting. “Ya, I am”

Yah: Means yes. Shortened, slang version of yeah. “Yah, I’m going home.”

Yay: Used as an exclamation of emotion. More accepted as an informal version of yea, which is an exclamation and also means yes and more, as noted next. “Yay! I’m going home!”

Yea: Primarily used in the past as both an exclamation, as in “indeed!” and yes. Derived from Middle English ye. Modern usage has more to do with voting as in Yea or Nay. Not to be used interchangeably with yeah. “Am I going home? All in favor please say ‘Yea.'”

Yeah: Yes. “Yeah, I’m going home, why do you ask?”

– Yup: Isn’t confused with anything (that I know of). I just like it. “Yup, time to go home!”


“Ya ready?”

“Yah, I’m ready!”


“Yeah! Let’s go.”

“It’s a wrap.”