I’ve not posted in a couple of days–thus closing in on about, oh, two months for this 30-day challenge–due to the multi-faceted preparation it took to bring this post to you. I realize that I may be crossing the line from humility to overconfidence by stating that, with this post, there will be no doubt in your mind as to the high level of value offered via the content shared here on Innovative Savings. Come with me on this journey of living more fully through innovative frugality. Please … enjoy.

I don’t reeeally need sunglasses I tell myself. Then I walk outside.


I live near Phoenix, AZ. Hell, it isn’t. But on some days I think God figured we needed an example where you can frequently find yourself involuntarily wailing and gnashing your teeth due to blistered feet and burned retinas. Which, by the way, happen by merely running to the mailbox (after, yet again, lying to myself that I can manage the lap in 22 seconds or less … who needs shoes?!).

So, where do I snag a pair of shades? Unlike my 16-year-old-Oakley-donning son (and, no I didn’t buy those for him, are you crazy?), I couldn’t care less what they look like, especially in regards to any emblems glued to the sides.

But I need some that are prescription. It might be a good thing if I could see you while I’m driving. And let me tell you, I’m just vain enough to not wear those big Sun City style shades.

As shared in an earlier post, I’ve met up with some challenges lately and I’m saving coin wherever possible. So, enter big Daddy, Extreme Desperation. His favorite store? The local 99 Cent-er. Of course.

Step 1) Get a pair of readers (in this application, weaker ones for distance).

Step 2) Remove the lenses, put aside. Give the frames to your 8-year-old daughter so that she can play dress up.

Oh, how fun!!! (don’t cry Honey.)

Step 3) Get your sunglasses (make sure they’re not too angled as that causes distortion and really gives you some massive nausea. Really. Done this. Ugh.)

Step 4) Clean all the lenses (remove all labeling).

Use your 99 Cent store bottle of Window cleaner and a high quality, lint free cloth, in this case provided by Hanes.

Step 5) Go out to your cabinet in the garage, or to your kitchen junk drawer, or the trunk of your car, or the tool chest on the side of the house that your 16-year-old son left out, or … (ah, that was it, found some!) and locate your trusty half-tube of silicone seal, the one you have to screw off that tapered convenience top cap thing that only works once because all the crap dries in there.

Yah, that one.

And then stab the dried silicone stuff down into the tube like drilling for oil until you access liquefied reserves of sealant.

Yes. I had to dig deep but I discovered the virgin sealant.

Step 6) Line up the lenses and, with a surgeon’s keen eye and steady hand, apply sealant (all the way around the lens so that dust, sweat, and … food particles, don’t get lodged between the lenses).

Step 7) Allow to dry (otherwise waxing your brows takes on a whole new meaning).

Step 8) Wear proudly.

Now, I promised you value. So let’s crunch the numbers:

Readers: $1
Sunglasses: $1
Sealant: $0 Yes, anything not purchased for the intended purpose, that has lasted beyond the normal expected lifespan and then found again in some remote spot … uh, that’s like totally 0.
Glass cleaner: what, 2 cents?
Cloth: (see Sealant description).
Total: 2 bucks! Ok, with tax? 2.19!!

Pick up glasses at the 99 Cent store: happen to be driving by so … no drive time.
Pick out and purchase: 3.5 minutes, no line okay?
Remove lenses: 8 seconds.
Clean: uh … 8 seconds.
Find sealant: varies.
Apply sealant: 2 minutes (totally conservative).
Total: 5 minutes 46 seconds.

Sure, I could purchase some clip-ons at Walmart for like $12.
But I saved about 10 bucks in less than 6 minutes!!!


The way I see it … that’s like putting in my pocket an hourly wage of, like, a 100 BUCKS! $800 a day. Or like $192k per year!!

Just amazing.

Value. That’s what’s provided here at Innovative Savings!

Note: Thanks to my daughter, the model, who approved the use of the picture in step 2 on one condition, that I show her real cuteness here: