I’m developing a product. I think–and others have said–that I may have a patent-able product (so I’m not sharing it here … just yet). But time will tell, as long as I DO something about it. It seems far too common for ideas to be considered and perhaps even initially acted upon only to have them stall or plateau somewhere during development.

That’s where this product, this “Dream Goal,” was headed. A cute idea that was in fear of staying as such, or eventually launched by someone else.

Instead, I just now finished my hour of work on my dream goal.

What’s that?

Sonia Simone shares in one of her earlier articles how to apply doable strategies to your dream goal in The Three Secrets to Massive Online Marketing Success.

One of them has to do with focusing a daily, first hour of work on your dream goal.

She says to, “Make a daily habit of one hour of action on your biggest goal. You’ll be astonished at how quickly you start to make progress.”

That’s doable.

I’ve been doing this for about a week now. And, during that hour, the unexpected, practical and useful aspects of what I’ve uncovered isn’t so much what I’m doing, but what I’m not doing:

– I’m not opening up my email. Because of this …
– I’m not so easily allowing others to dictate my to-do list.
– I’m not answering my phone.
– I’m not hitting the social sites, for marketing purposes, of course.
– I’m not clicking on an RSS feed, or subscription newsletter, or latest blog, leading me from one how-to post to the next, and next, and… in the hope of obtaining that enlightened and inspirational piece of information that will finally propel me in the direction of my dreams (a.k.a., risk aversion).

Uh-huh. Two hours lost. No closer to the dream.

So as opposed to that feeling of needing to play catch-up because I’m now so far behind, I’ve now a greater sense of accomplishment that, in turn, has a positive domino effect on the rest of the day.

And the product prototype is almost complete (break arm patting self on back).

Oh, and thank you, Simone. Love your posts.

Email awaits.

What techniques or strategies do you use to help with time management and production? Or getting past the fear and just doing it?