The Enchanted DealEnchanted Island, here in Phoenix, AZ, is celebrating their 20th Anniversary.

I’m mentioning this event because, to be totally transparent, I do some design and marketing work for them, and I’d like to see them succeed.

But my motivation to continue here is because of the people who’ve worked to bring this place to such a significant two-decade mark.

In a world where so many businesses fail in the first couple years, Kraig and Theresa Lyon have bucked the odds. Even in this last downturn, based on my own observations, they did everything they could to maintain the park, hold on to their employees, try out numerous rides and games, add water features, and more, all to keep alive this oasis in Encanto Park.

I’m hard-pressed to find two people who work harder at anything.

I’d be impressed with just that. But on top of this, they offer incredible holiday activities and consistently give to their community.

As a part of celebrating this milestone, they’re offering a killer deal. You may have guessed that it’s called The Enchanted Deal.

Check it out if you get a chance.