Sold!Here’s the scoop. I’m giving a big shout out and thank you to my Real Estate agent.

We moved recently. And it certainly wasn’t an easy or simple process. It lasted a while and was filled with ups and downs. The market’s been a fickle one. Duh. But one thing I know for sure is that it would’ve been far more difficult without Jason Button’s expertise and assistance.

He was our agent for this sale, the whole process, the duration. Through contracts that potential buyers pulled. Through frustrations with the bank. He hung in there. He walked us through the process. He helped prepare the house for sale. He came in and just fixed things. He made calls and calls and more calls on our behalf. He answered my calls and emails all the time, any time. He explained things really well so that even I could understand them. He demonstrated uncommon patience.

And not once did he let on that he was thinking of wringing my neck.

I think he should explore moonlighting as an actor.

The guy was always available. Always kind. Always willing to help. He’s one of the few things that I’ll miss about going through this process.

I’ve not done the math but, after all’s been said and done, my guess is that he probably netted something like 23 cents an hour. And I’m being generous! So this note’s about giving him something back for all his work. He deserves it. If you, or someone you know, needs an agent who’ll really work it for you, and be straight up with you, to help with buying, selling or renting in the Northwest Phoenix Metro area, get in touch with him.

Thanks Jason.