My name’s Garry Stafford and I give voice to Innovative Savings.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been through some unexpected and unavoidable trials. Due to this, feelings of Extreme Desperation combined with Necessity-driven change pushed me to get Innovative, or else.

My desire’s to assist others by sharing my experiences and observations, that at times and only when necessary, require serious introspection. Otherwise there’s decidedly less of that going on. Along the way I’ll explore different ways of saving money, time, relationships, grace, and as much sanity as possible.

I love designing things and have done so for about the last dozen years at Friendly Fish Media. Lately, in addition to this, I’ve recently launched a sticker site called SMO Stickers. I went to school for business management, then ended up with a post grad in counseling psych. Along with that, and to maintain my sanity, I always attended classes that included artistic endeavors. Add to all that a too long suppressed love for writing and this blog is the result.

I’m a single dad with two awesome kids (everyone says that about their kids on their blog … boring. Mine really are), Ian (17) and Chloe (8). I’m a grateful member of Al-Anon. An organization that, IMHO, provides the most effective, daily direction in dealing with a far too frequently hidden, progressive and damaging disease. And, last but certainly not least, I’m a Christian. And although the objectives of this site are primarily pragmatic, at times I may share about issues that are far more flavorsome seasoned with that perspective.

Stay in touch via my contact page or follow me via Friendly Fish Media on Twitter or Facebook.


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